Catch up and sharing other work

Hi all… how’s it been going? How is Rarible treating everyone? I’ve been making progress on tezos and Hive. They are much easier to work with and get into. Is anyone else making inroads elsewhere?
I created this in a live NFT creation and mint last night. I was the featured artist and it was a lot of fun!

This is not a shill for my other projects, just sharing a small success. We can all do it!


Sweet :slight_smile:

Yeah I’ve been into H=N quite a lot - both collecting and selling; great twitter community with them and some awesome work that I need to find a way to display when I have the time :slight_smile:

I’m also with - was an artist in their Beta programme but it’s a bit stale; anyone can join now and the way they display their artist category is last one in first so all the invited artists are now being pushed further and further away from the main page which is a bit bizarre to be honest (and they’re connected with their own token and the price of it is constantly sliding down which, in USD terms, cuts the selling price of a piece by half which is unsustainable); and, finally, there’s no way to burn or delete a piece so trying to keep your profile tidy is impossible; hopefully thy’ll sort all this shit out at some point

Aside from that I’ve been working on a new series of oil paintings :slight_smile:
And I’m currently in the process of creating some 3D scenes for my FDN genesis next week which I’m pretty stoked about - will be keeping that lot with them

Good to hear you’re back on the scene tho :slight_smile:

Nice! I haven’t seen much action in HEN, but that’s my fault. A lot of NFT work is promotion and joining communities etc…I like kalamint, but again not much happening there for me. I’m doing bits and pieces here and there. Overall I like it still.
Hive is awesome. The token is only about 56 cents, but there are heaps of ways to earn them…

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I joined Kalamint ages ago - only put the one up and haven’t gone beyond that - it’s almost becoming the digital version of having a shit-load of online galleries! haha - exactly the reason for me dumping loads of mine a few months back is because of the admin for all of them was a full-time job in itself …

So, I’m going to keep it pretty low with NFTs, probs just the 3 platforms (I like H=N also because how cheap it is to mint and how you can get awesome pieces for a fairly low price :slight_smile: )

So probs keep it to Rarible, H=N, and FDN from now on (until something else comes along that I need to look at :rofl:

Haven’t heard of Hive but I just had a quick read and it seems solid - the ability to license your work is extremely attractive to me (I already do it with my tangible paintings) so before I jump into that rabbit hole, what tips my friend?

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They have a referral login? …

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I think so… I’ll check…

They do a referral thing, yes. Here’s a link:

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Are you with them and how do I get a referral? :slight_smile:

That’s my referral link for you I think. I’ve not done it before…

Oh right! Ha, thanks - I’ll try it not on my phone then :joy: and thanks very much, definitely looks like one to try :slightly_smiling_face:

You’ll have to give me your profile and I’ll send throughblots of love :slight_smile:

Ah! This is the one I was talking about - the NFT art showroom requires you to have a hive account first and docs are pointing to this site; is it the right one? (And referral link top right)

And yeah, when setting up they def ask for a referral or vip ticket; what’s your hive username, I think that’s all that is needed (unless you have vip tickets :slight_smile: :slight_smile: )

My hive username is astrohive

It’s a lot of fun. You can get paid for blog posts, videos (ala YouTube style), you can easily stake tokens, you can put them in savings, it’s just fun!

Awesome, thanks - I’ve read only a very little but it seems to be just that :slightly_smiling_face:

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:zap:Auction Opened! Bid :boom::sparkles:

nftyskateboards NFT#002

“Lost in the supermarket”

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Hello one and All. Check out my Crypto Canz selection :slight_smile:
Here’s the first instalment!