Caution before paying to upload

This is my experience. Don’t use the site. It might not be a scam in the true sense but it does not work reliably. I lost $20. Well bought $20 of ETH to fund the minting of an NFT, then gave up part of that in transactional fees (as expected) and finally was quoted $10 for the “gas money” fee - which varies by the second… to complete the minting of a digital artwork upload into an NFT… and the process failed, did not complete. Money is gone and there’s nothing to show for it.

Not a huge loss but it’s buggy as hell.

posted my video as an NFT and the video doesnt even show or play? same problem

any alternative sites to mint NFTs?

Sorry to hear about your experience. Every nft site has bugs! I too have had multiple failed uploads, and many successful. @rarible recently increased file size upload, so hopefully that will reduce the amount of minting issues! You should try again
In regards to the video, was it in the right format? There are a few posts in discussion that address posting videos!