Change wallet associated with profile

Hi Rarible peeps,

I’m planning on changing my Ethereum wallet and was wondering if I am able to keep my Rarible profile / collection items and sync a different wallet to the same profile?

I realize that the minted NFT artwork will likely have to remain attached to the wallet it was originally created on, however, I just want to ensure that if I change wallets, I don’t need to create a whole new profile on Rarible.

Any advice?


Paul Becker
curator & founder

IG: @artrapture
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I have the same question, looking forward to moderator answers. I did email support about it last week with no reply yet. I want to use a new wallet with my current profile as well. When I connect with the new wallet ir makes a new user profile for me. I can’t figure out how to switch.

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I am also wondering the same thing. Would love an answer for this!