Charged from my wallet on my first upload but nothing happened and on the next step tried to charge

Hi there Rarible Community, im adigital artist i use rarible for the first time. i have tried to ipload my forst work on rarible and charged on the next step. after it on the second step it tried to charge much more and i couldnt efford it my country money is poweless due to dollar economy.

i dont understand was this a trap for charging more lime they make you pay a little than charge more the other step so yoi dont wanna loose the previous payment? can some body explain how this works is it a scum or not?

Same happened to me yesterday, but don’t worry as I panicked at first too.

The first step you paid for is still in the system. When you’ll be able afford to mint your NFT, you won’t have to pay again for the first step. Just create your NFT and you’ll be directly driven to step 2/3

Et voilĂ !

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thanks this was what i think it was like some sort of wallet confimation and service fee roght? and i have also find out that we can make our own price bid to mint our work and offer… this is fine whether its confirmed or not this way we canarrange our own balance.