Charged Multiple times to post one NFT

The process of posting a new NFT is broken. I had to go through the “approval” step several times before it actually went though and I got charged in my crypto wallet each time. Now it is going through the “minting” part and I got charged AGAIN. So far I have paid $50 to post a $10 NFT. No wonder people charge so much for NFTs. You have to in order to make a profit.

Hi and welcome among us @RebelVamp

Unfortunately you didn’t read the disclaimer about technical issues going on currently on Rarible.
As a beginner, you may have come here before.

Approving creates the contract, then comes the minting process. As you didn’t wait, because the blockchain can be sometimes really slow (taking even several hours), you were charged for this reason.

So my advice is : next time : be patient and wait before reloading. Creating a NFT takes time.
One of mine was minted last friday and only appeared today!

I wish you’ll find your way here.

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This is more than that. I read the disclaimer. I also waited and let it run overnight, more than 14 hours. The disclaimer says there is a “delay”, but it didn’t say it could take that long. It also says my assets and funds would be safe. The site is broken. The window that comes up and has “approve”, “mint” and “set fixed price” just sits and spins and multiple people have posted they are experiencing the same thing I am.

Yes, that’s why as we encountered those troubleshootings, we recommend to wait and it’s too long, to delay the minting.

You need to post a more specific warning that the “delay” is very serious and could take days.

I’m not part of the Rarible Team, I’m a user just like you.