Clothing Line Designs for NFT’s

I’m looking to turn my clothing line designs into NFT’s and offer a free shirt with it. If someone owns an one of these NFT’s would that give them the opportunity to print that design on a T-shirt to then sell it? If I sell 100 NFT’s per design is there a way to only offer the free T-shirt to the first buyers of these? Is there anyone on here that has had success doing this with a clothing line that would be willing to share what they think would be the best way to do this?

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Hello @MOAI_Apparel,

Is this the sort of space you are referring to?


Hi @MOAI_Apparel, welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s not unusual for new posters to offer a hi, or hello, or hey all - this is who I am and I have a question

Especially if you do have a question and so are drawing on the experience of others

To answer the first bit - you retain all IP when you sell something creative unless you give up that IP so no, the buyer would not be licensed to sell tees

If you want to add a tangible product to your NFT then that is something you can do if you want - I do it myself; can you limit the number of tangibles in a multiple minting? I don’t believe so

Having a clothing line is no different to say, having limited or open edition prints- it’s all possible; I even give away some of my art over on my H=N page specifically for people creating a print for themselves

Anything is possible; the question you should ask tho is - is it probable? For NFTs, yeah, damn probable :slightly_smiling_face:


OK, now I’m back on my computer I can add further info for you:

Here’s a link to a designer creating NFTs of her designs so that people can buy that design and print the clothing at home on a 3D printer

Here’s my H=N page where I’m allowing people to use one or more of my images - for free essentially - for the purpose of personal-use only printing (currently set at prints alone but I’m about to move it to include tees too): and here’s the information for it on my site:

and here’s one of my Rarible items which is an NFT tee


Good Luck and welcome, mate!!!

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