Collection cover/icon doesnt show

Hello All & thanx for having a look.
maybe @AlexSalnikov & @ivan.k can help, very appreciated.

A few days ago I created an erc721 collection and 3 items in it.
everything shows fine on rarible and opensea.


  • the “Icon” or “cover art” for the COLLECTION (not the minted items, their covers are showing fine).
    doesnt show in my COINBASE WALLET app on ANDROID.
  • the Token IDs of the items (3 pieces) are not 1, 2, 3 instead I have 2, 4, 5. The numbers are in the row of minting but should be 1, 2, 3 ?

I do have an erc1155 collection with editions minted, everything showing fine in the same wallet and are numbered accordingly to when minted. 1, 2, 3 and so on…

My investigation so far brings up:

  • deleting the cache of the coinbase wallet forces the app to reload all images (thats good, because easy, no deinstalling or log out/restoring needed).
  • I asked coinbase support to look into it as well but I asume this is a metadata issue.
  • changing the “Icon” of the collection on rarible and opensea didnt help. I tried multible times with waiting time and refresh but this doesnt force the Metadata to update, what makes sense because the link is allready set in the contract, pointing to the images URL ?
  • there is METADATA to each token and a JSON schema containign the image URL and other info and is editable as far as I understand.

My assumtion is that this METADATA is somehow “broken” it doesnt reffer to the right IMAGE URL (pointing somewhere on rarible space I guess) and TOKEN IDs of the pieces in the collection.

If I was more skilled, I could change some of the information, at least the Token IDs, here at etherscan

  • I will open the discussion there as well.

I hope some dev, with more code wisedom than I, can either point me to the right direction or helps me with kungfu skills fixing this metadata and editing/updating the contract info.
I am not sure how critical are edits to this…

thank you very much!
Eliot theSuper.
Please give some :love_letter: to my unique collection & mini colletion

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Turns out the NFT token ID (the numbers I mentioned) SHALL NOT BE CHANGED !
Seams to be random and is identifier for the chain - Not the listing (as I thought).
So that Token ID Problem is solved for me then.

Still searching for a Wallet Cover solution… Any Idea?

Token IDs are discussed here. Summary:

NFT Identifiers

Every NFT is identified by a unique uint256 ID inside the ERC-721 smart contract. This identifying number SHALL NOT change for the life of the contract. The pair (contract address, uint256 tokenId) will then be a globally unique and fully-qualified identifier for a specific asset on an Ethereum chain. While some ERC-721 smart contracts may find it convenient to start with ID 0 and simply increment by one for each new NFT, callers SHALL NOT assume that ID numbers have any specific pattern to them, and MUST treat the ID as a “black box”. Also note that a NFTs MAY become invalid (be destroyed).

Further investigation:

A smart contract inlcudes/uses the following: METADATA, URI, JSON and “enumeration extension”.
These are containers for changeabel/editable information like price, owner, link to image, etc.

The Question is: in wich one is the url for the “cover” image of a collection specified?

  • as my erc721 collection is created with rarible I asume this url is pointing to a location on rarible.
  • to see if there is anything wrong I would need to know where to look and check if the image URL is included, corectly typed and pointing to the corect location.

Either this information is wrong, causing the broken image or everything is OK and the problem is implementation in the coinbase wallet app ?!

any help ? @AlexSalnikov @ivan.k thank you