Collector DAOs with Rarible Boost on Daohaus

Rarible DAOhaus Boost

Funding Milestones and Payments


NFT creator, collector, and curator DAOs are gaining a lot of attention right now. This proposal is to build a native interface on the DAOhaus platform to interact with the Rarible protocol.

Problem / Opportunity

Collecting NFTs with friends through a DAO presents a new opportunity for engagement between creators and collectors within the NFT space. It would allow people across the globe to participate with each other in the creation of and hunt for hidden NFT gems and the next amazing NFT drop.

Because members of a DAO would coordinate together to find these precious tokens, they would work as a curation team and build their reputation as quality NFT hunters.

On the other side of this market are creator teams; artist co-op DAOs are gaining increased popularity, and the use case for blockchain governance is clear. It is a strong use case because creators know the power of network effects, and they know that artists who build together win together!

The opportunity here is that a native integration would lower coordination costs and improve user experience. DAOs will form specifically to collect NFTs using the Rarible minting & marketplace protocol.

DAOhaus is a community-centric DAO platform that allows various communities and organizations to deploy their own DAO with little overhead and modularity.

The platform itself is managed by a DAO that has built the first DAO2DAO ‘super dao’ under the name UberHaus. If Rarible passes a Grant proposal like this, it is likely that UberHaus will match it. This would insure that the needed resources are in place to make building and shipping the integration quick!

Minty is a platform to build, operate, and fund NFT DAOs with a community of collectors and investors. We are contributing to, and funding open source development of the core tech needed to launch community governed NFT collections.

Funding Milestones and Payments

Milestones & payments:

  • Phase 1:
    • Research on feasibility of the Boost with testnets(kovan) and EVM sidechains (xDAI/polygon), get user feedback on the use case. Spec initial design with Figma prototype. explore rarible protocol api and contracts.
    • Research impact on DAO RQ dynamics when the DAO holds non-divisible tokens. Consider both share buyouts and fractionalization.
    • Research application of AMB to govern & hold NFTs on different chains/ layer 2
    • User interviews and feedback, dao community outreach and engagement
    • Engage initial communities that want to use and test initial project
    • Work has begun on this and a demo was given to the Rarible Governance Team
      *Phase 1 Deliverable Working figma prototype, documentation of reseach and user testing.

Working App prototype (undesigned) - polish & ship in the upcoming week. Here a dao owns nfts, are able to buy and sell them through a DAO proposal. The Dao treasury pays for the nfts and Profits go to the dao.

Figma File

  • Phase 2 (Rarible Collector DAOs):
    • Design sprint around native integration; allow DAOs to buy, bid, sell and display ownership in a DAO gallery.
    • Allow DAO members a way to exit the DAO with their fair share of the holdings
    • Full technical sprint for Minion/Boost support of Rarible protocol on mainnet and applicable sidechains
      *Phase 2 Deliverable Technical sprint and further implementation plan, Dao contract extensions for nft ‘vault’, buyouts, and new membership with nft tribute
  • Phase 3 (Creator DAO):
    • Implement the front end gallery, and all needed functionality in the app through the Rarible DAO Boost.
      *Phase 3 Deliverable ship working app and onboard initial DAO communities.
  • future development
    • Have a minting interface and further built out Rarible ‘shop’
    • NFT appraisal integration to help DAOs value their collections & share prices
      (payments on mainnet in USD equivlant RARI)
      Add Dates
  • Phase 1: 5k
  • Phase 2: 20k
  • Phase 3: 20k
  • future dev will have a new spec and proposal

Payments will be made to the following Ethereum address:

We consider ourselves independent contractors of the Rarible DAO and will report taxes accordingly. Forms W8-BEN and W9 will be filled out accordingly before funds get distributed to our team. [this is a requirement]

Use of funds

Funds will be used to pay DAOhaus core team and hire web3 product professionals for support as needed.

Business Model

To grow the Ethereum, DAOhaus and Rarible communities through joint collaboration.

Note: All software produced should be open source with MIT license.

Team Members

  • Dekan: Engineer. Co Founder DAOhaus
  • Ven Gist: Designer. Co Founder DAOhaus
  • Isaac Patka: Engineer. Co-founder of
  • Penguin - PM, developer, and NFT artist, cofounder of the Defient Pixel Society (nft artist creator dao), Chievmint (Dao that rewards ethereum builders with NFTs)


  • PM - Penguin, Isaac
    • click-up
    • Penguin
      • User outreach and interviews, hypothesis, questions and form
      • Isaac has insight and should be a
  • Contracts - Isaac, Dekan, Penguin
  • Rarible protocol - Isaac, Penguin
  • Frontend
    • Design/UX - Ven
    • React - Me/Owen


  • Kickoff 05-18
  • phase 1 - (3 weeks)
  • research tech specs (2 weeks)
    • rarible protocol
      • maker/taker
      • buy/sell/transfer
      • flow between discovery on rarible markets and buy proposal
      • eip1271 (contract signatures)
      • delegate / broker / early execution minions
      • escrow (kleros, Raid Guild smart invoice)
      • wrangle scope
    • buy out options and alternatives like fractionalization
    • amb bridge (gnosis amb module, minion amb module)
    • report
  • research user interviews (15-30 interviews) (2 week)
    user should be able to fill out a form to give us their response
    we should have a list of users to distribute too
    create a report on findings
  • figma 1 week
    • dependent on research
    • cross chain
    • new minion ux
    • implement clickable prototype
  • phase 2 (3 weeks)
    • tech spec sprint (1 week)
      • minion design
      • buyout, nft tribute with new members, buy/sell/bid
      • testing
    • dev/implementation (2 weeks)
      • Custom Minion contract dev
      • contract signatures
    • design tweaks
    • design global NFT gallery exploration (1 week)
  • Phase 3 (2 weeks)
    • frontend react
    • testing
    • ship

Total: 8 weeks, due July 7th
Payment made upon delivery of each phase


  • tasks in click up
  • async discord in Daohaus labs
  • weekly dev standup
    • next meeting the 25th
  • Rarible dev standups

NFT boost project DAO for payment splits and logistics

  • polygon/xdai dao TBD

The contact person for this project will be Dekan. Their contact information is:
Discord handle: dekanbro#7256

How long has your team worked together? What other projects have you worked on?

We have worked together for 3 years.
Some other projects we helped found are MetaCartel and RaidGuild


Our project will attend weekly community calls, and provide updates on our milestones as we make progress. In the event that we can’t fulfil our commitment, funds will be returned to Rarible DAO. We will also work with community members to ensure updates are distributed through the Rarible communication channels.

Note: we expect all teams to attend community calls :slight_smile:

Why should Rarible DAO fund this?

DAOhaus lives by the rules of the community first manifesto, we see a lot of alignment with the Rarible team and its community-centric approach. This kind of collaboration is what dreams are built on :slight_smile:

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