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I wanted to get an opinion on what people think about commissioned work that would then be sold as NFT? Since this would not be the original artist, but rather a paid work, would this be considered ethical to use on a site like rarible where the artist is the main focus?

For example, my NFTs have been all my own work, but there is a painter I work with and commission art from time to time, He wanted to add a piece to the CryptoTitties project. Would this be unethical to pay him for his painting and sell this on Rarible? Thoughts?

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yes, it would be totally unethical as even if it’s a commission, it’s not your art.
As a comparison, it would be pretending you created, assembled and used a fridge you ordered when you resell it, even if you ordered it personalized. In many countries, it would be even illegal.


They should create their own profile Perhaps.


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That is actually part of the issue. He is in Rwanda with limited resources but I sell his work in the states to help fund his foundation in Rwanda through a gallery here in the US. I just didn’t know what others thought of me selling a commissioned piece. I was thinking of shipping the real life painting to the owner as a token of true ownership as well.

Thanks for the input!


I believe that it is perfectly fine to do that as the NFT allows the functionality of distinguishing the artist from the seller and actually provides the artist with a level of tracking that is not possible in the traditional art market.

It might be that Rarible is not the right place for this sort of exchange at the moment. As users are supposed to be the creators of the NFTs (Even though the site is populated with NFTs that are not original). There are platforms like Zhen that have the curator approach with selected artists.

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Unless it is stated in the description???

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I don’t think so be a use nothing guarantees that the money will go to the original artist.

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Yes this is part of the issue of selling the NFT as a “Broker” of sorts. My wife and I deal in Art in the physical world as we either pay outright for a piece to sell under the artist’s permission, or we usually take a 20-30% cut of the sale.

This is a little different, in a way…

Firstly we are paying the artist upfront for the pieces, ownership is transferred to us via the original sale, then we would be responsible for minting, gas fees, and additional fees. This is where the lines get blurred. As the artist has already made the money for the work, would this be ethical to sell second-hand as an NFT + Physical art?

We were thinking of extending this further by 3D scanning paintings (not cheap at all!) and other works to mint as NFTs while sending the physical work to the NFT buyer as transfer of ownership since these are 1/1. The 3D scan is a high-resolution scan with high-resolution textures that can be used in 3D applications and VR. We are trying to lay the groundwork for the art community we have around us and I think this could be a cool way of getting their art immortalized.

My position is general, not about you @CryptoTitties

I’m sure you’re acting in good faith.

If you paid the artist upfront and resell the original artwork, no. But if you mint it, ,then sell it as a NFT, I think you have to pay some royalties to him as it’s a second sale on a modification of it’s artword, or you must obtain his consent to turn his artwork in NFT Royalty-free :slight_smile:

That’s my view, but as I’m often said, I’m a little bit rigid toward ethic, marality and I don’t understand everything all the time, so don’t take offense at my opinion :slight_smile:

None taken at all, just trying to navigate this new world.

The entry to this new space is still high in my opinion. I had to a bunch of research to figure out what an NFT was and how to mint, etc. Most people do not have the technical knowledge to figure this out. I am good at adopting new technology and this was still tough for me.

Other than creating user accounts for them and running multiple accounts as a custodial account this would be a huge headache to pull off. I think a contract would be best in the sense that the artist would be willing to accept the royalties up front or vice-versa.

Mainly this is for the next project outside the cryptotitties profile, lol. Unfortunately life isn’t all crypto and titties, lol

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