Community Grants pilot: $5000 allocation (discussion)

This thread is to discuss the ongoing voting on Community Grants pilot: $5000 allocation.
Share your thoughts and arguments below!

What other grants would you like to see?


Hi all,
I am so happy and grateful to this type of industry the opportunities that will come along with it.
Few things I have thought about and I continue to try helping with - However, I see some issues along the way.

  1. I have a number of artists willing to add their work onto RARI & Other platforms, they know nothing about the blockchain, others do. But they don’t understand the blockchain dynamics and so forth. We have knowledge in both - So naturally they want us to try selling their art or at least exposing it in the ways we know how. Problem is, even if they wish to send us their original work and they want us to mint the work for them, we would have no issues in doing so if the ETH PRICE GAS was not such a big problem. For example - 10 specially minted items would have to sell for a big price just to have a buyer end up paying $28 gas fee for a $1.33 ITEM - Like we have done before — On opensea.

Based on an answer to how this can be fixed or regulated or some kind of idea how this can be avoided - I can ask the next question - Would appreciate a follow up please,


Just an idea that I thought about -
$25 to 200 new artists for their first mint and other fees.


I would like to see something like this as a surprise drop, where you are able to mint 1-2 new works after a certain threshold is reached. Perhaps 10-12 minted works and at least one sale to a 3rd party. Whatever you can do to further support the community development by supporting high quality curation could increase user engagement and time spent on the platform.


hey guys i have a question if anyone can point me in the right direction : i am working with a yield farming project ( and we want to do an incentived NFT contest. we want to offer our native token (FARM) as well as RARI as a prize and promote both platforms. we have held two contests so far (the first one was memes only but the second was an ongoing “creativity contest” which has seen quite a few NFTs minted via Rarible hence the idea.) Details of the ongoing creativity contest can be found here. As you can see the team dedicated over $13,000 in FARM prizes that will be distributed to 50 winners so they are not shy about getting into the treasury to offer some decent prizes to help promote the platform. any help is appreciated

Use these funds to hire someone dedicated to spotting planarized content. So many original creators dont get hype because others use copyrighted material and it sells more


Yes, this is a big problem as it ruins any credibility that Rarible has in the eyes of those affected. Taking censorship actions shouldn’t be easy, but we need to have a way to manage these relationships and protect original Author’s ownership of their work.

Aragon Court may be a good solution, as verifying the original is not complicated. The original author’s date stamp will be older than the forgery. Simple as that.


That’s exactly why I made an account here. Myself and my guys at Bitscrunch are working on the Untitled NFT Hackathon and we want to build a simple predictive analytic model for detecting forgeries.

Serendipitously, this is exactly what I came to talk about in this grant discussion, except more on the solve…

I’ve recently decided to enter this space in a unique and purposeful way. To act as a design agency helping to usher in new artists, work on exciting collaborations, and think of new ways to involve the outside community, while exploring & innovating new ways to use the platform.

Since much of my career has been at creative agencies where I would exclusively engage graphic (and other) artists to bring my designs to life for experiential and digital events, I can’t help but look at this platform in those same eyes, but with a code of ethics so that artists are not being exploited, nor shielded from a path towards crossing over themselves.

For example:

I recently came across an amazing young artist. I found him on Fiverr, which I regularly use for graphic art project needs and came across a piece on his IG that I fell in love with - - I told him exactly what I’d be doing with it, asked for a price and paid more than he asked. The art itself, while being spot on for Billie Elish, is transformative enough to not conflict with the artists’ publicity rights. While much is going on with no regard for this (and other violations) and may cause problems down the line, I do feel strongly about it myself and it’s how I plan to operate swagr. Problem is - he wrote her name big, small, and all over. Her name is copyrighted, so I’ve given him some words (based on her beliefs) to replace the with. Once done, we’ll have a sexy celebrity based piece that is in no clear violation and can promote it proudly. I say we because I’ll be attaching is IG to every step and he’s more excited about that than anything. :wink:

For the future, we may come to new terms and ways of working together in mutually beneficial ways, while sharing my steps with hope that he’ll gradually cross the line for himself.

The big thing here is the model. I know streetwear artists that while adept to social media, would never mint a piece without a partner on that first step. I get to share the excitement of their first minting while building a brand based on carefully curated artists and their work, and the (self) respect of doing it ethically all along. The goal - creating a new tried, tested, and proven model that can be replicated by other entrepreneurs taking on new roles, and extending new paths for artists alike.

I am in no shy way asking for consideration of such a grant to help drive that effort. Thank you in advance for everyone’s feedback and for your careful consideration.


Danny McLellan (aka: Danny Mac)

inkedin > /dannymack

Grants would be a great idea for artists to alleviate some of the fees for their initial creations; Allowing those who wish to create relevant and meaningful art to express freely.