Complete Profile but not verified yet

Hi !
I completed Profile and click on. re-verification link but not verified yet…
Can you help me please ?



Hi and welcome among us, @Enzil

When did you submit your verification?
Your NFT looks good :blush:

I wish you the best here :bouquet:

Hi !
Yesterday, but they tell me to put cover, i did it and click on link but nothing since.
Thanks for helping and thanks for my NFT :slight_smile:

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You’ll have to wait 6 weeks before being able to resubmit

Ok !
That’s long very long time ^^
Thanks !

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Can’t you permit resubmiting before ? I have a serie of multiple Artworks to submit I would like to be verified before if you can.
Thanks a lot !

Unfortunately, no. I’m a user just like you, not a Rarible Team member.
It’s a queue system so you have to wait :confused: Sorry

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Oh ok sorry I was thinking you were team member. Ok thanks for the information !
See ya !

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Welcome @Enzil, @sheratan is a force in this community and he gives great advice so worth listening to him

Just so you know, I’ve been waiting 7-8 weeks now and it’s just one of those things, gotta be patient

I’m with you re: waiting for verification before submitting more work; I’ve currently got thirteen pieces for sale but I’ve got another 30+ good to go which I’m waiting on verification too before I upload

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Welcome. This seems to be a waiting area lol. I’m going on 8 weeks myself… between this and Discord, there is plenty to learn.
Good luck

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Ok thanks everyone !
And good luck too. :smiley:

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aun sin ser verificado dejo mi NFT por aquí Ofrecemos Interés sobre la compra…