Cover won't upload

Having a problem uploading cover to my profile. Keeps saying ‘Error’ over and over again. Been trying for days now. It is the last thing I need to be verified… sigh… I am using Firefox. The image has the right dimensions and resolution. Any ideas?

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Make sure that the cover photo you want to upload has the desired dimensions. After the installation is complete, leave a link here and let’s check.

By the way, welcome to us.

My Instagram.
It’s my Twitter.
My Rari page.

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Thanks for the reply. But the problem is that it won’t upload at all. My file is 1440 x 260 px at 320 dpi. I have tried many times now over several days. Everything else seems fine. My MetaMask works etc.


Hi Kirstine,

try the following :

  • empty your cache then reconnect and reload.
  • if it doesn’t work, change of browser : Mozilla is preferred to interact with Rarible :slight_smile:

Hope it’ll help.

Hi Sheratan, I am using Mozilla Firefox. My MetaMask wallet is connected within Firefox, so it would be a bit difficult to try another browser, as then I’d have to get another extension to MetaMask as well. I have emptied cache several times. I still cannot upload the cover…

Have you tried another cover?

I just restarted my computer, emptied cache, made a new jpg file with the same dimensions, but a new different image. It still won’t upload, I get the same ‘Error’ message… And each time I ‘sign’ with Metamask. Not sure what to do…

Really interesting. In desired sizes and Jpg. I don’t see any reason not to be.

This a recurring issue with metamask.
Try again later but there’s no solid solution.

Okay, I will keep trying. I hope it will happen, because I have already paid to mint an NFT on rarible.

It must be some kind of bug…

Hello! I have the same problem with cover right now… Did you find a solution? Thanks!

I am also having the same problem.

Me too, facing the same issue! The only thing required for verification. Not able to figure any solution yet.

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Hi and welcome among us @digitalpratik

Maybe you should share your profile so we can figure what’s happening?

I wish you’ll find your way here. :slight_smile:

I was actually able to finally upload the cover, so I could apply again to get verified. That was 3-4 weeks ago… Still haven’t heard anything back.
This is my profile:

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expect abt 8 weeks…

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