Create collectable on rarible, clarify single vs. multiple

I posted my first NFT, and before I post more,I would like to clarify for the digital artwork edition.

For my first NFT, I chose “Multiple” for 10 Edition (10 of 10) and minted once.
That means I can sell same artwork (PNG file) ten times (still ten edition only)?
Just one time minting is enough for ten edition?

And if I choose “Single” to create new collectible, I post/ sell one of kind (only one edition)?

Thanks in advance for help.

Yes, minting single or multiple, you only mint once per artwork. If you select multiple, you need to specify how many you are minting, but you only pay minting fee once. Same for single token.


It wasn’t clear that 10 edition (10 of 10) is all NFT.
Good to know. Thanks for information, Ephemere.


So, I made multiple 999 pieces from one picture, if now i want to have only 1 picture, what should I do? Can I burn it and mint it again?


Hello, certainly, but you will have to pay the inherent costs

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well the first blind steps are always expensive. Thank you for the answer 🥲