Create item button doesn't work anymore


When I hit the “Create item” button nothing happens! Does anyone know why? It was working before. But it’s been a couple of hours that it doesn’t work anymore! BTW, I’ve been using Chrome. Thank you!

Hi and welcome among us, @IamRe3,

maybe you could try with Mozilla Firefox which fits better to Rarible, or you can also try to empty your cache.

I wish you the best here

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Thank you for your reply. I had no problem with Chrome until a few hours ago. And, I use MetaMask wallet which just works on Chrome, if I’m right. Yes, I already cleared the cache and browsing data. I also uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome and MetaMask. But the problem persists! I was wondering if there is any solution to this sudden problem?
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did you try the oldest trick? :smiley: turn off and turn on the computer?


Yeah! Several times! :joy:

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and reconnect Metamsk as well? So I don’t have any idea :frowning:

Yes, I reconnected Meta mask. But I can’t “Create item”!!! When I press the button, it doesn’t work anymore!

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Did you empty the cache as suggested?

An update: I cleared the cache, reinstalled Chrome, restarted my computer many times. But nothing worked. Now, all of a sudden it just started working, again! Thank you guys for your supports! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Greatest trick :grin:

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