Created a Mint, got charged, art can’t be viewed

Pls fix this error!! I uploaded my art, and got charged with gas fees etc. yet it removed my art and only left my upload with a broken error image…

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Same with me. Check it out:

Hopefully, this gets resolved. I’m very hesitant to add more work.

had the same issue yesterday, had to burn the token and start over. burning the token was another .02ETH so like. between minting at .04 and burning at .02 and the gas fees its like… a serious mistake!

What’s creating a mint? Is it the same thing as creating a new NFT?sorry, I’m kinda new to this space :sweat_smile:

I also had the broken picture too when I uploaded depending on your gas fees , it took like 15 minutes to upload my pic I was freaking out but it all worked out at the end…