Created My First NFT - Now What...?

So I am a creator and work with many creators who develop IP and assets for brands and ideas our company has. Transcend Label does things in music, movies, TV, brands, etc. and I am trying to understand once you create you NFT’s then how do you expose more and more people to them within the community?

Also I am having an issue as to when I created my first NFT below I accidentally put “asdf” as my title for it :0 How do I change that?

In order to have more exposure, it easer if you get verify using your Tweeter and get active in the community.
The title is part of the smart contract saved in the block, so is immutable by definition.
The only way I can think is by burning the token and create a new one.

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Thanks that helps a lot, I submitted to get approved through twitter and everything and it rejected me after I did all of that by saying the message below:

Sorry to let you know that you didn’t receive the verified badge this time.

Reason: Missing Cover Image

Don’t let it discourage you though! The badge is not the key to success on the marketplace :slight_smile: Fill in your profiles, be active, make more sales or purchases, and try later. Good luck!

Please reply to this e-mail with a link to your Rarible account and your wallet address if you made substantial improvements or there was a terrible mistake.

Note: just replying wouldn’t help, we would be required to politely decline once again.


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