Creating different collections on rarible

Hi fellow artists

I am now on rarible and would like to mint different art work from various collections. Is is possible to create different collections?
Thanks for your help

Emi from Shinjuku

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Hi and welcome among us @EmiWasabi

Your question is quite obscure. You can create a collection, or mint under two contracts. What are you searching to do?

I would like to mint different serie of my art work in one contract. Eg. collection A … one series that I created in 2019 and collection B… another series of work that I created last year.
Is is possible to put the art work minted in different groups or categories?

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Yes it is, it implies that you create several collections, but it’s very expensive.

This website will help you to know what price you’ll have to pay :

be aware that the best moment to mint and create a collection is approximately when it’s sunday 3 A:M in the USA, mint accordingly to your timezone

For instance, if you create a “2019 artworks” collection, you’ll have to pay (at this time this post was writtnen) : 800 $ + 75 $ per minted NFTs under an ERC 721 contract.

You 'll have to repay 800$ to create a “2020 artworks” collection + 75$ per Minted NFTs.

Dear Sheratan
Thank you very much. This is really helpful!!! :grinning:

If there is anything else I need to know as a complete Rookie, please let me know.

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I suggest you browse the forum :slight_smile: You’ll find plenty of helpful informations there.

Try also to search : I tend to close redundant topics so as to avoid diluted answers, and if you have a question : just ask :slight_smile:

I wish you the best here :four_leaf_clover:

Thank you. I found some of your older post already. Very useful and generous of you to share your knowledge.
Many cheers

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My pleasure to help :slight_smile:

The few NFT’s that I have minted to date, I mint early in the mornings, on weekdays (5-6am East Coast US time). I was all set to mint another one this morning, but gas fees have been quite high all day. I’m not minting collections though, just single NFTs, and I usually pay in total between $25-$30 USD.