Creator Collective Update to Community on #earthdaynft2021 Campagin

Last month, April 22nd marked the end of our Creator Collective’s first campaign #earthdaynft2021. We wanted to :pray: thank everyone in the community who participated and supported this effort :slight_smile: We also wanted to share a little about our own journey in regards to this campaign.

So just to give you all a little backstory, when we came up with the #earthdaynft2021 campaign we had no idea what would happen, but we were excited to put the idea in action and learn from it. With the guidance and support from the wonderful team at Raible, we hit the road running.

After the initial newsletter was sent out by Rarible, we knew that this campaign was something that artists were super excited to be a part of. We had over 120 total artists submit their #earthdaynft2021 work and over 130 join our discord community.:star_struck: Whoohoo! We heard from artists all via Twitter, Instagram, emails, and discord thanking us for doing this, which of course made us super happy. This overwhelming support made us realize how important creating opportunities like this was for the artists in the Rarible community.

We wanted to let you all know that this is just that beginning and we’re so grateful for the support you all gave us allowing it to be a successful Pilot project. We plan on creating more opportunities like this on a consistent basis for you guys. We have lots and projects in mind, but this is a community effort and we would love to hear your feedback, thoughts, ideas on what you would like to see moving forward. We are here for you guys!

This is an exciting time in the crypto art world and together we can help each other open up doors to exciting new opportunities. Thanks again for all of your support and we can’t wait to see what 2021 brings for us all:)

Cheers, Creator Collective Crew


Hello and thank you, Nathalie.

As artists, we’re not only technicians, but also precursors to major social changes. Art allowed to change mentalities about important subjects such as racism, women rights, LGBT+ rights, equality, consumption, environment, etc.

We’re all from very different part of the worlds, with our own culture, background, political environment etc. but I guess we can make the difference.

All arts are included, from music to painting, writing, photography, films etc. I guess, we should also unite on major subjects which need urgent changes and help spread tolerance and understanding.

It’s also a way to open ourselves to causes which are not easy to deal with. It’s a matter of maturity and changing our personal scopes toward sensitive subjects.

I wish you the best for your next project.


Hi Sheratan,
Wow thank you for such a wonderful and thoughtful comment. I could not agree more with you! You hit on alot of things that are very important to me personally. I’m myself originally from South America, I’m female and am involved in various projects and industries that help support our environment. Also, my main inspiration comes from the world around us…and it’s fractal magical beauty!

This campaign was such a wonderful way for all of us involved to see a huge range of diverse artists from all over the world come together for a cause they were passionate about. There is so much to learn from each other and our own journeys.

Thank you again for sharing this! Beautifully stated:)


In Case any of you guys want to check out some of the submissions I have created this PDF doc where I highlighted 6 artists

You guys can also check out our Instagram @creatorcollectivenft and on twitter @cc_nft to see a larger collection of artists that submitted to the Campaign:)

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