Creators and Collectors - like and follow each other!

This thread is for people who would like to come together to support each other! Link your Rarible profile and let’s build each other up!


This mater already exists here, @asong, please do not create redundant threads.

Ohh! Didn’t see that! Thanks for the heads up!


Hi all,

until I mint my first NFT’s (gas fees are crazy rn) - you’re welcome to follow my profile to get updated.

I have some very interesting audio-visual projects ahead. Let’s stay in touch :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

I’m new, I just edited my first NFT, Hand #1 :

The HAND series is part of a series of 10 images edited to 10 copies.

My profile :

Please tell me your comment about my work !

Thanks !


Hi and welcome among us @echodelta and @johann

Your NFTs are invisible for now to me, but they will appears in a few hours.

I wish both of you the best here :slight_smile:

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Cool stuff Asong!!

I am here:

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Great! :slight_smile: mine —>>> here


Hi @cosmiceye Sweet. Like.


Hey kenob, thank you! I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Im a photographer
and i doin a NFT collection with 26 stories inside
by using this collection, i wanna remind ppl that sometimes soulmates are not found but made,
people meet, they get feeling and they work on it to build a relationship
so far my collection has released til chapter 9.

come check my profile if ur interested

here is one of my works

Just wanted to say that I created a new profile since the old one was super buggy (MyEtherWallet connection is very unreliable, hardly connects, and disconnects alot).

My NTF’s aren’t minted as of yet because of high gas fees, I think its better to wait for ETH 2.0? It seems quite a lot to pay 100s of $ just to get my file uploaded to the web? What do you think?

Hi @echodelta

News about ETH 2.0 are quite confusing. You may wait for gas fees to go down before minting.