Creators Selling 1 of 1

I bought an item on Rarible for 0.5 Eth as a ! of 1.and the creator posted exactly the same item for sale the next day as a 1 of 1 for 0.5 Eth. I have notice since that they have been making a habit of this with other items that they are selling.This is not the way it is supposed to work.I feel like i have been scammed an am reluctant to buy any items again on Rarible. What can be done to stop this person cheating people of their hard earned money.Now i have had to list the item for sale at 0.44 Eth to make some of my money back at a loss by under cutting the creators listing.How do i let Rarible know of this ?


It would be helpful if you included a link to the artwork so we can actually see what is going on.

Hi Neon
ok here is the link of creator/owner/collection

The item is “Uniswap Trophy”
I bought 1 of 1 thinking it was the only 1 and they put it up for sale the next day as 1 of 1
Is this how it is suppose to work with NFT’s ?
Thanks nicholas

Also i have spent 15 hours on Rarible these past few days checking it out,it seems to be quite common practice.

This is how users did multi-mint before it was offered. If the user could set the mint allowance of 1 of 10 but mint only 1 at a time, could help with confusion. This would be clone minting basically, would be great if we could re-learn the exact same NFT for the same NFT ID, etc. I’m sure some users would still just say 1 of 1 each time to sell each at the same price point.

something can be done maybe using the image hash to prevent that from going on. I notice that “Uniswap Trophy” if you right click on both images the one owned and the one sold open image in new tab, look at the address they are the same. “” IDK what arweave net is but now it seems like files uploaded are using IPFS important part is that IPFS assigns a Qm hash. It is unique to that image only, meaning that if you upload the image without changing any aspect of it, it will always produce the same hash. example image of mine “” the hash is “QmdeQh1btq1FBaF5xHXFbA7xnwQqR4nxaj3cbAaiUWWZJh” according to IPFS “IPFS removes duplications across the network.” So maybe it can be block by site verifiying hash is not upload again unless NFT is burned incase someone made a mistake like making a 1 of 1 instead of 10 of 10 or vice versa.

Thanks Fernandez for your help

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Thanks Douglas for your reply

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Hi Fernandez
Do you know what this problem maybe,I listed 2 items for reselling but can only find 1 when i refresh ART or ALL,but i can find it when i paste it into search.Would cancelling the sale then relisting help ?

Not to sure…have you tried looking at the transaction hash status see what .

I’ve noticed this same thing on the third day I joined (having spent the entire week at twelve hours a day on Rarible)… I’ve also seen an artist post on Twitter saying they were going to burn all their remaining NFTs and then they were all sold out within a few hours. Several days later they reposted the same items for sale again. Now I’m sure the individual who made a fortune at Christie’s could never try to resell a new set of 1 of 40.
Besides all this, I now check in once a week just to see if I’ll ever be verified.

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Hi Fairweather
Some Sellers do burn token but usually not all of them,i have 50 tokens of an item im trying to sell so i might burn 35 and increase the price because they will be more rare…
How do i get Verified ?
I’ve listed other items which show up after i click refresh for new listings,i bought 2 item from the same seller but they never show up when i refresh “ALL” or “ART” but appear if i paste them into search,i think i should "report "it to support.Thanks for your comment.

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Also if you decide to list something, for sale you can only go down in price which cost nothing but if you cancel the sale to change the price up you get charged an Ethereum transaction can use up to 5 digits,to sell something,so example price 0.59999 new price 0.59998 change price down otherwise your sale listing will end up down the line and know one will see it ,some sellers always do this trick every couple of days.Maybe they should have more categories in the Art Section

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That’s awful if someone did that. They should get banned. There’s enough scammers in crypto already. If I issue 1/1, that’s it.

For me, the goal is to continue to make new works full time. Selling a 1/1 should be seen as proof of work. It takes me a full week to make one work, sometimes much longer. It’s proof of the time invested. If I print tokens infinitely like the US government, then my work becomes devalued, and it makes everyone angry that I would hope would continue to buy my work in the future.

There’s a lot of uncertainties in the market. I don’t know whether 1/1 is the best way as I found out now that you can sell a 1/1 fractionally if you own it on some platforms. The downside of other platforms is that the royalty is not sent to the artist like it would be if it sold on Rarible. I think the advantage is now given to buyers, as in the future this loophole will surely be fixed.

Thanks to you and other buyers. It has been my dream since 2017 to sell royalty based contract art. This is before ERC721 even existed. There was no market even in early 2020. I am taking it cautiously, and also taking it open minded. I am listening and seeing what is going on in the market. Disappointed in all the scams, but I have discovered some incredible artists myself. There will be a boom I’m sure.

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If the art is not selling, better to burn first and relist at a lower price. If the work already has sold copies, then you are slapping the face of buyers who bought first.

I would love to see a contract where each time a work sells, it increases in price for the next copy. When you buy early, you can’t flip until the artist has sold their supply. You should be rewarded for buying first, not punished.

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Hi Neon
Here’s the link to the art work.

item is " Uniswap Trophy "

Hi Nardia
The scammers should be banned, I agree…That item i bought was called " Uniswap Trophy" Yes,a seller shouldn’t put the price up if they burn tokens.if someone has already bought the item.Maybe items should have a watermark like stock photo video sites…
Yes,there are some very good artists on Rarible but you are definitely.
one of the better ones.Your political satire items are world first class, i have shown some friends & they say your art is great & makes them smile & laugh. Sellers are selling at unbelieveable prices, maybe the Artist should think more about prices very limited editions or 1 of 1.Don’t be in a hurry to Sell…I guess that you don’t want to run out of quality items to sell…A 1 of 3 that i bought of JFK was put on sale @ $69US the other 2 buyers are selling @ $3,164US & @ $1,977US a couple of days later as an example but will they ever sell at that price,yes in the future after several sales.they will sell for that price…maybe there should be more for the Artist when making the mintng for item, besides the later sales 12.5% return to seller.Buyers may never put items up for sale or might list them 10 years from now.or want to keep 1 of everything they buy.Plus i haven’t had time to check to see how many items have resold but i will look into that soon…I’m not an expert on the subject yet,Keep up the great work.Also i do have several accounts.on Rarible.Thanks for your comment.
thanks nick

I didn’t know until yesterday, but on OpenSea you can make irrevocable offers on people’s works, even if they are not for sale on Rarible. So the prices might reflect just an ask. It doesn’t work perfectly yet because you don’t get the notifications if someone offers on rarible, and artists don’t get royalties on OpenSea. One of the problems of Rarible market is the pricing is not dynamic. I think auctions would work best like ebay. It is more liquid and exciting.

Because of the royalty loophole, I am now raising my prices and reducing my royalty on the one of one works to encourage sales on Rarible.

I agree that I have sold for some too low, but that is ok. The important thing is to build a market. My work has always sold ok at the high end, and I feel that’s where it should be, but I also sold thousands of prints on the very low end which helped spread my work. The problem is I didn’t make enough to keep doing it because in China, they don’t care about copyright and just slap the work on everything. This is why I like the gifs over high resolution still works. Less likely to have that happen because the angle changes.

I think there is opportunity for both high and low markets. However, since there is no exclusivity in being able to see what other people own in NFTs, like people who buy original art for their homes to impress, there’s no reason to let every person have a token. Exclusivity I am liking more than accessibility in this space. The more exclusive the artwork, the more people that will see. It seems to be counterintuitive. I believe that resales will come in big once it grows and things are publicized. Whenever Kim Jong Un is in the news I get emails for example. It is cycles.

As for your comments on my work, thank you! I have made angry and emotionally negative works before, but people don’t want to buy or share these. People want to laugh and enjoy life. I am very political, and what bothers me about people against my politics is that they are always seem mean when they make fun of something. It is very easy to be negative and mean. I enjoy being mean sometimes too, but it becomes tiresome when that is your only emotion.

If you go to Opensea then click BROWSE top right then go to CATEGORIES far left then click on ART there is a whole list of ART sites connected to Opensea. like & .I did see some auctions there somewhere…I sent you. NFT " Don’t be a Fraud " from one of my other accounts,Wishing the very best in your endeavors…I’ve only been on here about 3 weeks so still finding things out.Message me anytime.I live in Australia.If you run low of political figures you can always do some from Australia.,LOL

Nice tip on changing price slowly, thanks Yo.