Crypteaux Currency Humor- Cajun Flavor

I have decided to post my first and all future humor videos made by a cajun for everyone to view and purchase.

My first CrypteauxCajun Episode Starring Old Paw Paw Boudreaux voiced by yours truly.
So let’s start passing a good time cha.

Some constructive feedback (from an audio POV): You should lower the music level WAY down when the dude is speaking. It was very hard to hear the speech (dialect notwithstanding).

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some mason jars to fill.

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Thanks, I will work on this! Make sure you put dem jars in a safe place cha.

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Just bid on one of your pieces. I’m hoping to make a series out of my videos.

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Thanks for the hat tip, and good luck to you.

(Unfortunately, I can’t accept a bid where the gas price is higher than the price itself, but I appreciate the nod)