Custom URL- not accepting alpha numeric..Even though it is mandatory

How can I update my custom url, when I try to add, it says it should be alphanumeric… However it still does not allow me to proceed further and has the same validation message.

Space are not allowed : it’s probably why you can’t validate your custom url.

Thanks Sheratan… I didnt have any spaces… Not sure what could be the reason…
The field goes:

I try to add my name it says it should be an alhanumeric… When I try alpha numeric it still has the same message

I’m really new to the site. I hoped it could solve your problem as it solved mine. Sorry no to be more useful.

Hi CrytoDoge, did you figure out? What can I put on the custom URL? I can’t find explanation anywhere.

I am having the same exact problem. No matter what I put in there, it says it is invalid but offers no information on what a valid entry would be. Very frustrating!

I have no spaces or punctuation…only letters.

for me to set my URL up i added a number to the beginning of my name, after it was acceptable, i deleted the number and clicked submit.

it seems the checker only checks after its been cleared fully then typed out. so clear it, type any number to begin your URL, finish it, then delete the number before submitting changes.

I hope this helps!


Cool this worked for me. Thank you so much!

PLease check out the reply below by WhipJr… :v:t3:

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Thanks @CrytoDoge and @WhipJr. It works

glad to help :heart:

6 moths later and still not possible to click the “update profile” button under any circumstances. WhipJr’s hack only works to make the red text go away, but reappears when you click the update button. This is really silly and a simple javascript bug.

With me is because i was including caps (silly me) but could it possibly be what you’re also doing unintentionally? :thinking:

SoSkully :zap: