DAO Vision - Update

Massive thanks to everyone who participated in our DAO Vision workshop today. We appreciate your thoughts and your time!

We asked community members this question: “would it be fantastic that in 3-5 years time we…”

And here are the most top voted answers:

  • We would be a reference not only for the NFT space but also in the real world
  • We have a DAO with a massive treasury
  • We have a vibrant community making amazing decisions
  • We have open source tools that new projects can start easily.
  • Enable artists from all spectrums to participate

Our next step is to distill this into 1-2 sentences to represent the DAO’s vision. We will share this on our discord/forums/ etc for community feedback.

Next week: We are doing session 2 where we figure out the DAO’s mission.
Cal invite/RSVP here: https://calendar.google.com/event?action=TEMPLATE&tmeid=NGQ2bWwycTFmM2d0aWRlZ25iZnJsZmY5dTJfMjAyMTA3MTJUMTYwMDAwWiBzcGF6emtpZG11c2ljQG0&tmsrc=spazzkidmusic%40gmail.com&scp=ALL

Hope to see you there!

Thank you!