Decentralizing Rarible DAO: Part 1

The current Rarible governance process is pretty broken and needs to be improved quickly for us to be effective. Below is how things should work in the ideal scenario:

  • People post on the forum (in some sort of standardized way, like this suggestion)
  • People share this proposal on discord, or come to our weekly community calls and talk about it. Ideally, we can get some constructive discussions going around the proposal, and get a sense of whether we support or reject the proposal and for what reason
  • The proposal is submitted to Snapshot for voting
  • If it passes, the multisig executes

Unfortunately, there is currently a lot of issues caused by spam in the forum and in Snapshot. Many proposals have passed in Snapshot but have not been executed (for various reasons, including short proposal durations among other things).

Below are a few suggestions which should help us clarify which proposals should be executed, and which should not in the immediate term (there are more permanent solutions which should be explored also, these are just quick fixes so at least we have an MVP process).

  1. I am proposing that a new forum category gets created, “DAO Proposals”, specifically for proposals. Non-proposals will be removed immediately from this category, or moved to another category.
  2. I am proposing that Snapshot proposals that are not linked to a discourse forum post be ignored and not executed. Another way we could limit spam is to require a certain number of RARI tokens in order to submit proposals or vote, but I’m thinking it might be better to just leave things more open (thoughts?). As part of this change, all proposals on snapshot will require a link to the discord forum in order to be executed, even if they pass.
  3. I am also proposing that all proposals on Snapshot last a minimum of 5 days. No proposals will be executed with less than a 5 day duration.

Hopefully this will act as an immediate patch until a more permanent solution is developed, and it should give us time to discuss each proposal before making decisions and executing.

Thoughts? Any other suggestions?


Brief update: 1. was complete, and a new governance category was added to the forum.

For 2. : right now, there is a “core” category in snapshot (see which only the Rarible team can post to. Up until now these have been the only proposals considered for execution, so 2. is not really relevant.

For 3., there is nothing really to do here again since we only consider core for now. Part 2 of this post incoming!