Deploy contract stuck

Hi every one I have a problem I ve created the collection ( ERC 721) , payed the fee but everything is stuck on “deploy the contract” step…

on the etherscan is is marked as success

but that picture doesn’t change for hours already…

So the question is what will happen if I will reload the page? and wha is going on with the collection?

Hey there! You’re going to have to sign into your wallet and have that open on standby. (during the whole minting process)

you’ll sign with the same method.

hope I’ve been able to help.
Best of luck!

SoSkully :zap:


I d love to … but the thin is thers no notifications from wallet like it is opened

I ve signed it already once… so spend the fees… the interesting thing is that the collection is created… as far as I understand here is the link

But do there need to be already an NFT or it supposed to be empty…

oh myyyy… :slight_smile:

Yeahh, i just looked at your page and nothing’s listed.
Also there’s no activity on the profile. (Other then bio, nd base profile.)

I’d say, personally, if it’s not updated in the next 2hours then try again but have your crypto wallet open in the same browser (different tab.& recently reloaded)

It should auto switch you when you need to sign. if no auto switch happens, just have a quick check the site yourself to hit the sign prompt.

Hope THIS helps.

SoSkully :zap:


Hi my friend!
I am new to Rarible and run into the exact same problem as you.
I waited for 12 hours stuck on "deploy contract ". As nothing happened, I reloaded and couldn’t get back to the pop-up to complete the process. The fee was deducted from my wallet. Now 30+ hours have passed and my collection is still not created. How did you manage to solve this issue?
Hope you can help me. Thanks a lot!

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Heya! there’s a link to the resolved issue

I hope this helps!

SoSkully :zap:

Hi! Thanks for the help!
However, it doesn’t explain how can I complete the original process (which got stuck).
The problem is, the fee was already collected from my wallet (0.16 ETH). If I start again, using the same name and details, it just attempts to charge the fee again. I’m a little worried, did I lose my ETH?