Dev Working Group Proposal


This is a proposal to fund a “Developers Working Group” within Rarible DAO. The hope is that developers working on the protocol will have a bit of funding for things like:

  • Working on documentation
  • Updates to
  • Helping with dev support
  • Recruiting
  • Creating a suite of starter apps highlighting different features of Rarible

Funding Milestones and Payments

This proposal is looking to fund the working group with USD $5K equivalent in $RARI monthly for 3 months, after which an assessment will be done to determine the effectiveness of funds spent.

The distribution of funds will be done via Coordinape or via a L2 DAO with a similar distribution model. In Coordinape, budget is allocated to community operated 'circle’s which direct the budget to that month’s active contributors.

Payments will be made to the following Ethereum address (Note: this is Isaac’s wallet, and he will move funds accordingly): 0x775aF9b7c214Fe8792aB5f5da61a8708591d517E

Members of this group will consider themselves independent contractors of the Rarible DAO and will report taxes accordingly. Forms W8-BEN and W9 will be filled out accordingly.

Team Members

Below are some of the members who will be part of this Working Group. Each of the members below have been a part of our community over the last several weeks, in varying capacities:

  • Isaac, Luis, Brody, Skogard, Ali, Jeff, Harry
    • open to any other members who start contributing

The contact person for this project will be Isaac (email:, Discord: izkp#1401).

As more developers in our community start adding value, they will be added to this working group and given a chance to allocate funds as they see fit.


Our working group will keep attending weekly community calls, and provide updates as we make progress. We will also work with community members to ensure updates are distributed through the Rarible communication channels.

Why should Rarible DAO fund this?

As Eric recently outlined on community calls, the hope is that eventually, Rarible DAO be composed of a number of working groups with a certain level of autonomy. We hope that this experiment is a good first step in this direction.