Discord preview not working

Hi gang,

Anyone technically familiar with Discord ?
It seems that whenever I post a link to one of my raribles on Discord, the link is there, but no preview shows up.

Obviously I have googled and checked my settings, these are all good.

Anyone able to help me resolve this ?



Hi @rickwezenaar

Go into the user settings and check if link previews are enabled or not on Discord , as YouTube previews obviously won’t show up if the feature is disabled.

Hope it’ll help :slight_smile:

Hiya, I did check my settings. It’s enabled.!

I checked and apparently, it’s a known bug on Discord !

That bloody s*cks. Any workaround ? (I couldn’t find much about that subject, to be honest)

No sorry, didn’t find anything about a workaround solution

There is one thing I didn’t try yet, which is to reinstall Discord. I will try that. Hopefully that helps.

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update: reinstalling discord did not help, unfortunately.

Thanks all for the Heads Up. BerniE.