Display correct creator on pieces from KnownOrigin

Basically the problem right now is whenever someone posts any of their artwork on KnownOrigin and someone buys it and they move it to Rarible it will show the buyer as the creator. This is a huge problem because it could potentially make it look like the buyer stole the artwork and or devalues the artwork because it doesn’t display the correct artist.

A few examples:

"E X P O S U R E" artwork by XCOPY but shows VansDesign as the creator.

"Disintegration" artwork by XCOPY but shows VK Crypto as the creator.

"The Doomed" artwork by XCOPY but shows VK Crypto as the creator.


That’s actually a very difficult problem.
The case here is that KnownOrigin works differently.
They do all the operation with the token inside their website and only Mint the actual NFT when you withdraw it from the website. And it is mint to the address of the purchaser. So actually we cant know who is the original creator based only on the on-chain data.
We need to cooperate with KnownOrigin on this matter.


Yeah I was afraid that was going to be the case, but I do think it is something that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. Thank you for the reply, for the time being I will just keep my KnownOrigin pieces.


Maybe for the time being you could at least add some note saying something like “This work was minted on [external site] - actual creator name might differ”?


Oh that’s a good one.


Hi Rarible community - this is James from KnownOrigin.

Someone forwarded me this post so thought I would try help out if I can.

As mentioned above, KO currently uses a slightly non-typical model when issuing NFTs which can causes some confusion, but the data is all on-chain so don’t worry.

This is mainly due to our internal data structure which represents an Edition a.k.a. a fixed set of tokens sharing similar attributes.

A few options exist:

  1. An API call to look up the data

    We have a JSON Restful API we can give Rarible access to OR we have a public Subgraph instance you can hit.

    • If you want restful access please let me know and will give you the details and access

    • To call the Subgraph found here - https://thegraph.com/explorer/subgraph/knownorigin/known-origin use the following query

      token(id:$tokenId) {

    The Subgraph is probably easiest if I am honest with you but unsure of how Rarible systems work.

  2. A on-chain call to the KO contract

    We do store the creator of each edition on-chain. This can be found out by calling the following

    function editionOfTokenId(uint256 _tokenId) returns (uint256 _editionNumber)

    and then querying for further edition data via

    function artistCommission(uint256 _editionNumber) public (address _artistAccount)
    function detailsOfEdition(uint256 editionNumber) returns (address _artistAccount)

    The response from this gives you to creator of the edition which issues the tokens.

Hopefully this helps out a bit, please let me know or DM me any further questions and happy to help. :slight_smile:


This is fantastic, thank you for reaching out Jim! @AlexSalnikov


Thanks a lot Jim. I believe we can move it up the backlog now!


Good stuff @Jimbobbins! Thanks for helping out.


Happy to announce that this is fixed now.


Awesome thank you Alex, I did notice something unfortunate. If an artist uses a different address on Rarible it will still not show the actual creator, but I am afraid there is not much we can do about that besides manually linking them together which is most likely not happening.

I will show what I mean below just in case, but I fully realise that the team doesn’t have the time to figure out a solution for this.

Here is Hackatao, he uses the same address on both platforms so his KnownOrigin mints are fixed.
Screenshot 2020-10-09 at 23.33.43

Here is XCOPY, he uses a different address on KnownOrigin which means it is still messed up.
Screenshot 2020-10-09 at 23.33.55

While I am here might be a good idea to verify the Hackatao account just in case.