Do we need to seperately create sell order on opensea

This might be a simple question but here is my understanding, so far i’m minting my works on Rarible and able to put them on sale. I do see the works on opensea as well but in order to receive any sells do i need to do anything else there as well or just whatever i’m doing on rarible is good enough?


You’ll need to put them for sale on OpenSea as well. You’ll probably have to pay a one time gas fee to open the contract and then from there anything you mint on rarible you’ll also be able to sell on OpenSea.

*One note though, my understanding from previous discussions on this forum is that any royalty you set on Rarible will not carry over if the NFT is sold on Opensea. Someone please correct if I am wrong on that though.


thank you so much for your response, glad that you have notified about royalty as well.


As you have the answer, I close the topic.

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