Don't waste time and money HERE

If you read all posts, you notice that people loose money and get nothing in return. Move on to other services, don’t waste your time here.

It is difficult for sure. I thought my hand drawn art would maybe be somewhat popular considering a lot of the art is easy to create a duplicate and with a slight modification. I’m not speaking poorly of all digital art, just the ones that make a slight change to a digital image and call it art.

I understand the difficulty in selling even one piece of art. I have not sold one piece of art when I though I would have at least sold one by now.

I will most likely lose money on my one and only NFT but I also didn’t think I would make a lot of money either.

What have they become small

What have they become?

You can create a digital version of your work. Perhaps as a png or jpg. Offer the physical copy as a 1 of 1. Your work is awesome. There is something for everyone out there.

this place just ripped me off $11 … its a scam. $54 to sell something … what a joke.

oh wow, thank you so much!!! You warmed my heart by saying that. I do plan on offering a 1 of 1 to own the original but wanted to test the waters here first with digital copies and also, I’m kind of attached to my drawings and it’s difficult to sell/give them away.

I know, I am a starving artist because of that. hahaha!!!