Dude where's my art?

So I uploaded my art, paid the ETH fees and a few hours later . . . nothing. What can I do?


Can anyone please help me?



Did you ever get an answer to this? I have same issue and nobody seems to want to help.

Did your artwork appear?



No :frowning: from similar questions I understand that when etherium 2.0 is released fees will go down. Someone was saying spending more than 100 usd and still had nothing. If you know how to solve this please let me know.

Same issue, any news or answer from rarible support?

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Here’s how I did it:


I’m also having this problem. My Eth is gone from my wallet, but no NFT in my account.


Nope, still nothing :expressionless:

@rarible what is going on here? My client had his ETH leave his wallet, on my side I did not see the NFT sell, and he does not have it in his wallet. So…if he paid but never received the art, and I never received the revenue, nor did the art leave my wallet as “sold” - what is going on here? Seems like a common problem. Can you please assist?

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After numerous trails, the client got his art. Hopefully the process UX becomes a little more fluid over time. At any rate, thanks BMay for the acquisition and patronage of the NFT art world.

Same thing just happened to me. Created an NFT, ETH left my wallet, no creation shows up. Emailed support and hoping this gets fixed soon.


I see you got this issue 6 days ago, did they fixed it? I have the same problem my artwork disappeared

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I see you got this issue long time ago, did they fixed it? I have the same problem my artwork disappeared

This issue is still there - I lost $80 today.

You can follow up in the other thread: Token minting doesn't go through

@3mily What’s the support contact you have been using? I didn’t find any.


Has anyone been helped at all? Same Issue

Hello guys, same issue here. :grimacing:

I didn not receive any help after reaching out in this forum and contacting them on twitter. I don’t see any other chance to contact them. Any further ideas? I mean, if someone behaves like this where I come from, we call it scam and there’s legal persecution. I just wonder why Rarible can just do it without consequences.

Also reached out on Twitter for the same issue. Will update if I ever get a response.

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I have the exact same problem and the support button does jack shit so I can’t even reach out to these guys