Edit (or cancel) timed auction without re-minting NFT

We minted an NFT and set the start date/time and end date/time but now realize we need to adjust the start and end times. I don’t see a way to edit a timed auction…if we cancel the auction and re-do it, will we have to re-mint the NFT again? I would assume/hope not but wanted to confirm and see if any of you know of a way to edit the start and end time of an auction without having to cancel it and recreate the timed auction.


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Pretty sure there isn’t an option to edit an auction from what I’ve seen. You will probably have to cancel and restart it. But you shouldn’t have to mint it again.


That’s great news - thank you! We’re still having issues converting UCT to EST…do any of you have a ‘fool-proof’ way to make sure the start and end times are exactly what you want them to be? I don’t see a way to convert UCT to EST so we’re trying to adjust the time manually and either the platform is messing it up or we’re doing the math wrong :man_shrugging:


Hi and welcome among us @mjmclain

I can confirm that you can’t edit a timed-auction. And as you can only put a single NFT (no multiple) on timed-auctions once only, yes you have to re-mint it.

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Thanks for the replies and advice! We were able to cancel the auction and re-do them for the right time without having to re-mint (or at least pay again) so I think we’re good now.

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@mjmclain nice!! :heart: Good luck to you and your team! Glad you were able to get things sorted. :slight_smile:


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