Editing an already minted NFT

Can you edit the details of an existing item, once it’s up? I wanted to add an animated GIF instead of an image for the thumbnail.


I dont think you can. You can only change the price as far as i know.

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the blockchain is unforgiving and irreversible. click wisely friend :smiley:


Theres some anxiety with clicking the buttons when you want to mint something. It’s kind of scary lol

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You can re-edit item details and thumbnails on OpenSea, even with an item that has sold.

Perhaps it’s just a missing feature on Rarible :wink:


I didn’t know that. Thanks friend

I don’t see why Rarible couldn’t add this feature. They don’t need to use blockchain data. They could easily allow for uses to edit the description that is shown on the item page.

If they want to be safe and free of liability, they could have a separate item description that is independent of that associated with the minted nft.

Agree with that. We really should be able to edit description. It’s part of digital and moving art!

To make it transparent they could include a complete history of changes, like at wikipedia, or, you know, the blockchain

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Yeah I dont think you can edit the item details, just the cost

I have tried doing that but you need to pay for your piece as a new entry!

Did I already pay the miner fee? If so, is there gonna be another one? Will I waste my $? Am I doing this right?..