Error fixing request


Recently I have been having problems with putting my NFT’s to sale. Minting Goes through and Will list on profile but the Final, 3rd step, doesn’t work.

The error says: Cant sign typed data, result is undefined.

Already spent like 50 euro on retrying. This problem occurs for all my NFTs when putting to sale and selection a specific price

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Hi @NFT_Trader, did you try “contact[ing] support”?

Hi and welcome among us @NFT_Trader

I have the exact same problem with one of my NFT and opened a ticket. I didn’t get a proper answer yet except for “teams working on it”.

the worts is I cannot accept a bid on it either as it sends an error message back when accepting a bid.

I wish you the best here :four_leaf_clover:

I contacted them now. No reply yet. I just started here but stuff like this promotes me to go to another platform. Especially if no date is given of when it’s fixed
Okay, so one more got the problem.

Can everyone who read this with the same problem say"I" so we know how big this problem is?

Thanks in advance

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Okay, for me its fixed now after waiting for 1 day

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So I hope you’re satisfied :slight_smile:
Patience is the key ^^

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Having the same problem over and over again…

Has anyone figured out how to resolve this error?