Error showing up


I am trying to mint my NFT and this shows up;

Don’t know what to do next. Could someone help me out?

Thanks in advance,

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Hello and welcome among us @Chiron

Do not touch anything from now!

The minting is processing so wait for your NFT to appear. You’ll be able to set a fixed price after. If you redo it, you’ll pay multiple gas fees then mint multiple times the same NFT.

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I actually refreshed it, and you are right I had to pay fees again.
Luckily it was already minted and the artpiece is now on my profile.

Only I can’t set a fixed price, everytime I do that I get the same error…
This really needs a little update.

Wait several hours for the blockchain to stabilize then try again.

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Thanks a lot Sheratan!

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maybe a bug

Yes, probably a bug unless the transfer was processing and didn’t end before you check your profile.

Thank You