Error - "transaction could not be decoded; not enough input to decode"

I bought ETH today in my Trust Wallet and sync’d the wallet up to Rarible. I go to create a collection and when it goes for approval and I click to approve the transaction, I keep getting an error saying “transaction could not be decoded; not enough input to decode”. Anybody have this error before or know what it means? I’m not sure if it’s a Trust Wallet issue or Rarible issue, but it’s preventing me from creating my collection and I’m not sure how to fix it. Any help is greatly appreciated!

hey @joshmoore7, welcome :slight_smile:

let’s eliminate the obvious - you do have enough ETH to cover both the collection GAS fee and the one-time fee for when you first do something on the platform don’t you?

Correct. I have enough ETH in the account.

Okay so I updated the Trust Wallet App and it appeared to let my transaction go but says it sent 0 ETH, and so my collection didn’t show up. My wallet shows ETH in it, but every time I go to approve the transaction it says 0 ETH at the top, so this seems like a Trust Wallet issue.