Error when trying to put item on For Sale after cancellation

Hi Guys,

I cancelled the sale of a token because I wanted to increase the price.

However, whenever I go to put the token on sale again at an increased price. It says ERROR on the pop up. This has been happening for days.

It is my own collection and tried all the common disconnect wallet, clear cache, different browser etc.

Any ideas? Anybody else have this issue?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @Daly, welcome :slight_smile:

If you want/need to increase the price you’ll also need to burn the token as the blockchain cannot be changed but this is what you are trying to do

Cancelling the sale is what it says on the tin

It’s a rookie error which leads to this advice: before you do anything with NFTs, just research what it is you are trying to do :slight_smile:

On another note, please offer just a little “hi” or “hello” to the forum with a link to your profile so we can help you more


Hey @SMARTPopArtist

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: and oh yes an introduction, I am Daly, a total noob.

I have browsed this forum and researched it prior to asking the question, and there does seem to be confusion around burning/cancelling. Which prompted me to ask the question.

I can see you were in some of those discussions. Half say you can cancel (not burn) the item and relist at a higher price. Others, saying you have to burn the token fully.

In that Nat points out…

Just got this back from Tanis at Rarible Support - FYI

“Canceling” refers to you removing the NFT from Sale, which costs a small gas fee.

Putting the item back up for sale at a higher price is free of charge.

So, it had me confused when I got the error, as that would imply that I can achieve removing the item for sale (which I did and paid for) but I could not put it back at a higher price due to the error.

Thanks again for your assistance.


Well it does show you’ve done your research :slight_smile:

What’s your profile address?


OH, PS - a LOT of things have actually changed since then so that advice may also be obsolete; e.g. - it appears you can’t reduce your prices anymore as once we were able to do to try and get our work seen :man_shrugging:


Makes sense, I appreciate things move pretty quickly around here.

Here is the profile I am just testing things out with


I’m just trying to ‘cancel’ and ‘relist at a higher price’ on one of my own so I’ll let you know what happens


OK, seems like my earlier advice on this thread was wrong - I just cancelled and relisted at a higher price and it went through smooth as cream

So, as it seems you’ve tried ‘all the common’ I’m at a loss


Interesting, was that on your own custom ERC1155 collection that you minted or was it one done via the main Rarible contract? Maybe thats the issue…but still, even so, I’m stumped on why that would make a difference.


So it’s ERC1155 and not ERC721? Maybe that’s the information that wasn’t given that leads to someone helping you more …

I haven’t created any ERC1155s because my profile and reach wasn’t large enough to justify it so, sorry, I can’t help you - mine are all on ERC721


No worries thanks for your help @SMARTPopArtist


If your work is only 1 and you are trying to re-price as a result of the auction, you will get an error. This is a general problem of the site right now.


I get an error when I want to change the price

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I’ve just cancelled the sale of 16 of my pieces with no issues; I then changed the price on one of them - made it lower - and, again, had no problems (and tbh, it happened really fast and really smoothly :slight_smile: )

How come you still have the ‘change price’ function? I thought that was canned a while back so maybe that’s why you’re getting an error …?

You want to say that it’s no more such function as price changing? :astonished:

As far as I am aware, this function hasn’t been available for a few weeks now; I’m certainly not seeing it as a choice and I haven’t been seeing it since the change went through so I’m wondering how you are seeing it on yours?

So how to push nft to the top now?

Unfortunately you can’t - I know it used to be a hack for unverified users (assuming the ‘verified only’ switch was closed) but now it happens only if you’re verified; you still waiting?

EDIT - I just checked you, you’re verified so it will be pushed to the top but first you have to cancel the sale and then change the price