Failed to Mint Lost $8 in gas fees

I see similar issues, but NO ONE has an answer. I’m trying to mint, and I get transaction failed. I’m using MEW Wallet and when it asks me to confirm the Minting transaction in the Wallet app, I hit confirm and immediately the site says transaction failed.

I’m not going to try this again to lose another $8 in fees.

Am I missing something? I thought we only pay for the gas fees. Is there an additional fee we need to pay? I have $70 in my wallet now down to $62

I do believe there is a one time fee when you first activate your account. After that it will cost you $35-$75 per NFT depending on gas price at the time.
You can get a gas tracker to find out the cheapest times to mint.

Try this website by illuday:

We pay for the gas fees and minting process, every time. Every action we take, there is a transaction for gas fees since it is a transaction.

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Did you get the reason? I’m have the same issue? Thanks!