Failure during purchase - what to do?

Today I bought an NFT from the creator - or at least that’s what I though.
After receiving the confirmation and congratulations message, the transaction was still pending for a couple of hours. In the meantime I noticed that the last edition of the NFT I bought had been purchased by another person. When the transaction finally stopped processing it failed and I paid around $90 in gas, but I did not receive the item.
Looking up the transaction on Etherscan shows the following:

So my question is: Do I have any chance of getting a refund of the gas ETH or have I just lost $90 because Rarible apparently can’t handle race conditions on NFT purchases?

Thanks in advance.

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The gas fee is paid for the transaction wherever she succed or fail so no, you won’t be refunded for your gas fee. And it doesn’t depend on Rarible but on the blockchain and the way the transactions are proceeded. the gas fee is paid to the miners and not to Rarible.

Hope it’ll answer your question.

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Thanks for the swift response and the explanation.

I did search before posting, but the existing threads I found were related to missing purchases or gas fees for minting, so did not want to hijack their threads.

What I fail to understand in my case, is that it’s pretty clear that someone else purchased the NFT moments before me and still my transaction was carried through.
Now I am wondering if this is a scenario that will happen whenever multiple buyers purchase the last edition of an NFT?

My initial remark wasn’t for this post or I would have link it to the existing one.

It’s a matter of order in fact. If you sent your transaction in the same time range that the other buyer before his transaction was completed, you will enter the system but fail to buy.

In your case it seems to be bad luck because I guess it must be rare except for very renowned artists.