Features for Visitors (not for creators)

Having joined Rarible and minted my 1st nifty, …

I’m under the impression, Rarible has a huge potential, but currently it looks to me, to be a place for Creator - less for Buyers. Based on my very initial experience, I wonder, whether investments on the platform should rather take care about the potential buyers, some features may be even low effort investments:

  • Have a top level menu item ‘Buyers’ - where Buyers find instructions (or dedicated features)

  • If I am right, one can join the platform only with a wallet - at this stage, it is a new customer entry hurdle - having subscriptions/accounts on the platform without linking a wallet - would surely support community engagement. Once ppl joint, the can add the wallet at a later state.

  • I struggle, to find works, I’m looking for - I consider more categegories or a label concept as an important improvement improving the visitor’s experience (or simply a more advanced search engine, e.g. filter those NFT, linked to an unlockable (and those linked to a real artworked for the 1st buyer).

This post may rather instills to focus more on the customer related features.