Filter Adjustment - Settings Are Resetting on Refresh

Recently there was a new filter button added to the marketplace. One of the things that filter does is have “Verified Only” on by default. You do not see this of course, unless you click said filter button. Now 99% of users would assume there is no filter on, unless you place it. So every new user, and many consistent users all of a sudden only see work from a very select few artists.

I understand the drive to promote verified artists, to protect their work by disincentiving theft/fraud. But this platform is way too young to be consolidating sales ------- and therefore governance power through a system like this at this stage.

The biggest problem isn’t even the feature itself. It’s that it always resets to being on when the page is refreshed. I turned it off right away, but actually I’ve realized I’ve been getting a filtered view all week, against my own wishes. That is probably the vast majority of users right now.

Now it could be intentional, it could a bug. If there was any level of discussion on these things before they happen the community would be able to voice approval or disapproval of such systems.

And this would be much less of an issue if verification was a smooth, worked out process. But it’s got issues, its slow, we’ve had thieves verified and its being continually reworked at this point. Is now a good time to go hard on verified only?

But one thing is pretty certain. A huge swath of users are getting financially punished by this system, and it was done unilaterally. The least that could be done is saving the users settings so if they don’t want a verified only view, they get it.