Finally sold and NFT giveaway

Hey All,

Have been having a good time chatting, creating and exploring all the great NFT’s, and I recently sold my first! So to celebrate I’m giving away an NFT. Leave a comment below and I’ll draw someone Sunday (might do a couple).

Giving away a Batcoin. (not a typo)




:partying_face:Congratulations :tada: on your first sale hope there’s many more to come… Best of luck.

Hey! Congratulations, Slack :slight_smile:

My NFT here and my profile here
I always follow for follow, even on instagram where you can see my other pieces and my painting process.

Congratulations Slack Great Work I’m still waiting to make my first sale Hopefully soon :crossed_fingers:

Ayee!! Congrats. Enjoy the gain!!

“My time will come”

Sending love to the NFT gods :rofl:

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Congrats on your first sale, It can be a rocky road!

We’d love to have one of those bats :))

Congratulations @SLACK, looks good and now following you

This is very generous of you :slight_smile:

Links to my Rarible and my Instagram and my Website

I always post my art to Insta first and then when I get the time for admin, I’ll add it to my website

Congrats! Nice to hear. New Justice League (Snyder Cut) was definitely better than the first release. It’s four hours long, but it makes more sense.
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Check My Profile here

That’s great news we’re thrilled for ya!

Congratulations, Slack!! :slight_smile: …well done! :boom:

Cheers all, now lets all hope eth gets their gas price down, so I could actually buy some of yours :). Hope the people who haven’t sold get a sale very soon!

Congrats @SLACK!!! I’m still waiting on my first sale! Anticipation is killer!

Felicitaciones y vienen muchas más ventas :partying_face: