Finding my ART is no possible

I have minted an Art token this morning. 70 USD later…
Even if I enter the exact or almost all the complete title, it does not show up on the market place research result? how come?

here is the Arts…

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I have the exact same problem and I cant find all 4 of the items I have minted. what happened?

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I had the same

i could search in the search bar and nothing, but i think after my account was verified then i could search for it… maybe could be that

It’s definitely that. Same thing happened to me.
Once I was verified, my art showed in the search.
I also noticed that when I searched for unverified peoples art, it didn’t show up. Only verified sellers showed up.

same here, can’t find mine either.

Hi, I found your NFT on .

This can happen sometimes but not usually when you mint an item & you are an unverified user. It can happen if you buy an item from an unverified user, for some unknown reason the item won’t show up on Rarible but will show up on (Rarible) Opensea. The item will show up on Rarible when the User who mint the item finally gets Verified if at all. sometimes if the Rarible website is updated the item will appear on Rarible but may disappear again in the future. Also it is a good ides not to navigate away from page until Item appears after minting & click refresh after item shows up.
contact support@ Rarible
also you could turn off “Verified Only” click “filter & sort” on Explore far right hand side of page to see Unverified Users items. Verified Users is turned on by default. Which doesn’t work as it is suppose to.

Your item can also be seen on


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Here is your item on Rarible

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