First item / collection not showing

Hi all-
I minted three NFTs 2 days ago, and when I search for them (or even for my collection) nothing comes up. They won’t appear even on OpenSea.

All my profile is green except for the verification that was missing the header image, which I solved but even so, it is still not verified (but I’ve seen people with non-verified profiles with their items listed)

I really need this resolved or at least understand what happened to try to find a solution.
Thank you if someone can point me in the right direction.

The only solution I have found on the forums was this guy who had to mint it again (!!!):

Edit: Found it showing that it can’t fetch data on the Creator, the collection shows as Rari, although I have created my own… a mess. I have no idea of what it all means!

2021-06-09 12_07_17-Rarible – Create, sell or collect digital items secured with #blockchain|461x124

Hi @danielbileu

if it’s a “can’t fetch datas”, just wait.

I waited one full week before my NFT appeared.

Just be patient.

Maybe you should share a link to your profile.

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Thank you, man.
I’ll wait! :slight_smile:

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Hey @Sheratan or anyone in @rarible ,
Any tips on what to do? It’s been 7 days and no sign of anything, not my items, nor my verification, nor my ETH back. Nothing. If I could just understand what is going on I’d stop thinking the worst.
Thank you, I’d really appreciate your time reading and (possibly) any feedback.

Hi @danielbileu

First, you have to go to “activity” then click on the “listing” filter. Then check if the NFT you minted is there. If yes, wait…

When did you submit your verification?

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Hey @Sheratan , Thanks for replying.
Browsing through the forums’ topics I got that the verification takes a long while and I should calm down and wait, and that’s ok. But to have my creation minted and listed shouldn’t take that long, should it? I just don’t understand the process and it is not clear anywhere I looked into rarible.
Thank you once again.


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Hi @danielbileu

in fact, the site maybe sometimes long because of bugs. It may take times for various reasons (blockchain, rarible site etc.)

Don’t worry, if you checked that it appeared in listing, everything’s ok.

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Ok… 2 weeks and counting. :frowning:

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That’s not normal. You need to reach the Support Team via opening a ticket.

Just an update 30+ days talking to random Rarible’s team emailers: My NFT was not minted. No concrete answer on what should I do or suggestions on solutions. Looks like my money is down the toilet. Looks like a scam to me, where random people just put and lose their crypto, no explanation given.
Have read multiple people complaining about the same. Smart Contracts should protect us from things like these, else they shouldn’t be called ‘smart’.
Again: Rarible smells like a SCAM.

Try to reach them via discord then.