Free Giveaway NFT 25 Copies

Hello there I’m still new to the community and am enjoying it a lot! So I’m going to give away some copies of Probably 25 or so Put down address and follow me ill follow back


Very kind of you! I’ve been waiting for some good THC art.
Here’s my address and profile.


Hey @RoosterArt, nice move from you.

I’m not participating but I wanted to tell you that if you want to get verified, I recommend that you set your Instagram account on public.

My NFT here and my profile here
I always follow for follow, even on instagram where you can see my other pieces and my painting process.

@Sheratan Thanks will do

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0xc9ce7a2ea3779c2e61e56e067940434b1dded84a Thanks @RoosterArt I appreciate your generosity…I’m already following and can’t wait to see more works.


420 <3

Thanks in advance


Wow @RoosterArt very kind of you indeed to share your work.


Thank you so much x ill send you a follow request also .

Good luck with your art and sales ill be keeping a close eye on you .


Hello @RoosterArt,

Thanks for this. I would be interested!


Hi @RoosterArt

That’s very generous of you. Well done!

My profile here. I always follow for follow.

Motherload is a collaboration between a Photographer and Graphic Artist fusing both mediums.

Also on social media: Motherlode Instagram and Twitter.

Followed you as well! Cheers

Thank you , ill love to have one


I would like to have one, of course if you want to give one to me


Muchas Gracias! When I can, I’ll do the same and pay it forward. :metal:

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Sorry guys Giveaway is gonna slow down running outta gas when i get replenished ill finish the giveaway.
Peace and Love <3

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hi how are you all love some good ganja art ah

am I late for this if not I will be glad to take one , appriciate

@RoosterArt Hope you are well - waiting eagerly - :heart_eyes:

hey, welcome to the community.

that is looking frosty, would love to smoke that :))


0xc9ce7a2ea3779c2e61e56e067940434b1dded84a Cant wait to have this in my collection :grin::+1: