Free web art gallery, show your NFTs in a 3D environemt

Hi, I found a new website some of you might be interested in. Its a 3D web gallery for NFTs and you can create you own exhibit for free. Very easy to setup, connect with metamask and select/place NFTs you want to display.

Feel free to check mine

Head over to if you want to create one.


It looks amazing. Is it possible to exhibit sold pieces as well?

Humm good question, havent sold any nfts yet, but I think you can only display what’s in you wallet, so if sold, probably not. Let me if thats incorrect.

Yeah, it’s written there, only assets you own…

I have a tip as well - page which is generated all art you already made (sold/unsold):

It’s a kind of gallery as well just 2D :smiley:


How does it work? Is it just as simple as logging in with my wallet and putting the work that I already have on rarible on display, or is it more complicated? :thinking:

Yes very easy, log in with your wallet and you’ll see your minted and bought nfts. Then you can modify your profile, picture profile, bio etc.

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Just out of curiosity, how secure are these websites? I don’t keep any ethereum in my metamask wallet - unless I need a certain amount for a transaction, then I transfer ethereum into it at the point - but is it OK for me to just use the wallet and link it to random websites?

When you log in on their platforms, all it does is sign a message using your wallet private keys. This confirms that you are the owner of the account (ethereum address). The website dont get the private key, so they can’t spend your ether.

Also yes its safer to keep your Ether in cold storage (hardware wallet) and just put what you need for minting, fees, buying on your mobile or desktop wallet.

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hey there - thank you for that hint! I was wondering if the service costs anything? In their terms of condition they talk about a 7 day trial?

Hi @forester , I dont know what it says in Terms. It never ask me to send any ether in order to create a virtual expo. You do need to sign with your wallet to confirm you’re the owner (similar to Showtime).

Thank you for the response - yeah - I tested it myself - in case you want to have a look. In the discord it seems as if they are completely free - I assume they are for the moment and will change this maybe later on.
So far so good. Still: it feels weird to use services where you sign with your wallet - they don’t have access to my tokens directly, right? My private keys stay in my wallet, right? :blush: (I admit: it’s a little late to ask :smiley: - oh my god…)

That is correct, signing doesn’t reveal private keys or give power to spend. You cant get private key from a signed message.

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It looks great btw, I like that they added a 3rd room to choose from.

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Ah cool- so the white room I used is new?
I just saw that they are searching for 3D artists to build further exhibition rooms. Really exciting - thanks again for sharing this!

Edit: they just added one more room after that! So you can choose between 4 of them.

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