Full Inventory does not immediately present itself, nor does "load more" button

Like the topic line suggests, the full roster of my items does not show up immediately. Sometimes I have to refresh the page to get the “load more” button to appear. The totals at the top, of course, indicate how many different items are on sale, owned, created by me, etc… but if a potential buyer were to scroll down and not perform quick mental math, they might assume there is nothing more especially since the “load more” button doesn’t appear. Again, refreshing the page makes it appear, but that is bad. Personally, I don’t like having to load more, but…first things first.

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I am also experiencing the same issue. After I have looked at it once when I go back to the top of my page. It cuts off my load more. & I have got to refresh to bring it back. Its a new bug. I thought it was just my internet or something but I guess not.
I can’t see the rest of my NFTs. :pensive: