Gas Fees 125 Dollar!

I paid $ 16 for the first trade. Then he asked for $ 125 again and I had my money left.

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Hi @BBXYZ There’s quite a lot of info about Gas fees and stuff in this post **MUST-READ** Complete GUIDE for people NEW TO NFT, ETH or Rarible

I think that will answer your questions.

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yup just paid the $120 gas fee on my latest. Anyone want to help me recover my investment?

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Write in dreams who strive for something but die because they don’t have money

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And yet who stills my quiet screams for I have nothing in my tummy?

Hi, I am living s problem right now! I uploaded an item and paid transaction fee (25 dollar) and as the next step I would pay the gas fee. But the page closed due to internet I think. And I can not continue from where I left. How can I go on from where I left? The transaction fee I paid was gone ? If I try to put my item again I will pay another transaction fee? I need help. If you answer I will be happy !