Gas fees charged, no art uploaded

Good day, I am a newbie. I made one piece of art that I attempted to create and mint. It (Metamask) charged me a small, I think $7 or $8, I hit continue. Then it began the upload, then it asked me to mint it, I clicked. Then it said $80. My art is not even that expensive. I can not find past transactions. But my ETH went from $40 to $19. I got nothing accomplished. HELP


SAME except with MEW. $78 fee, null error on minting step, deducted the Eth, no listing. WTF.

Hello i have the same problem when i push MINT botton ! il lost 35 $
do you find a solution ?

Hello ,
i have the same problem, art not upload …

You paid the approval fee. This is a one time fee and will be charged by any application that requests to use your balance to mint or ‘spend’

This is normal and no one took your funds. You paid the Ethereum network to process your transaction.

There are two fees

  • Set approval all
  • Mint

The approval fee is a one time thing and it’s mandatory to allow Rarible to mint from your wallet. :slight_smile: :innocent:

It’s not a trick. It’s standard.

Refer to this guide I wrote about ethereum for more info


Assuming this website will actually perform the service I paid for, how long will it take for my first listing to show up? A few days? A week? Does anyone even know?? We are looking for help because the website does an absolute shit job of explaining the steps involved. So, Knowledgeable_Idiot, if you have some actual help to offer, then do so. This forum is FILLED with people just like me who feel they have been ripped off because Eth was deducted and the service we paid for was NOT performed.

I’m in the same boat, and so far the general response I’ve gotten has been “user error” or I happened to pick a wallet that has severe issues working with Rarible. There doesn’t seem to be a solution, at least for now.

Okay well, for one, I did offer help. And I’ve answered a ton of questions about this in the discord. And this is a governance forum I didn’t even realize there was people here asking for help with Ethereum transactions. I just started helping on my own time because I noticed that support was overwhelmed and I’m versed in crypto.

l posted a guide about how to use Ethereum as the issues everyone has been raising are related to Ethereum and user’s understanding how the system works.

Here is the guide if you missed it.

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Thank you. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

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You’re welcome!

I am working on a clear guide for Rarible as well. There is definitely a lack of help for users and I agree. I’ve just been really busy because I have like 3 projects on the go and some bounties to finish LOL


I saw that you guys were in a discord. Do you mind if i get a link?

Sure, here you go

same experience. payed but no upload

Where is the official support for rarible?

Same experience as well.
I paid minting fees, it shows up under activity
0 in stock and freezes when i try to use the option to put token on sale!

i am glad it is not just me

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yap but no support response anywhere on this board