Glitch in minting system

Hi guys,

A bit of a warning, I just tried to mint a new artwork here on rarible, and the ‘three-point-process’ did not go as planned: at part 1) “Mint” everything went ok, but at part 2) “set fixed price” I did get an ‘approve’ button in my wallet, but as soon as I clicked that, the rarible website gave me “error”. I tried again and again to click on ‘set fixed price’ but the error came back every time. Suddenly my wallet told me the artwork was minted (without me completing the process! I was still in that window to set the fixed price.)
When I checked, the artwork was indeed minted, with the fixed price, but obviously, because I never got to part 3) “set unlockable content”, there is no unlockable content in the artwork.

I have already written an email to rarible support and I am hoping for a solution from them.

But I wanted to let you guys know that there might be a glitch in the system at the moment, so be aware.



Crap! Yes it happened to me.

I suspected the minting get well and I reload the page and yes, myu token was minted. The last step was just putting the token onsale that generated an error.

So I did it manually after.

If “set fixed price” return an error message, do no restart the overall process. Wait for setp 2 to complete, then reload the page. You’ll set the price manually after.

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Hi Sharatan, I don’t think it is possible to set the unlockable content afterwards, right ? Because with me the price is set, appearantly (despite the error), and it was set to ‘on sale’ immediately.

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No you can’t set the unlockable afterward so your error was on this phase. Sorry but there’s no solution.

well, hopefully rarible can help me out with a possible burn & refund or something like that. it’s their system which generated the error…

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They can’t refund as they do not received the money. They’re not part of the minting process. Sorry.

yup, but their system went minting without me completing the process…so… anyway, let’s not bicker over this, let’s wait what they have to say about it :wink:


I tried again with another artwork. Same problem!

At the moment I strongly recommend not to mint until they have fixed this.

You can see a screenshot of the problem here:


Hell @Sheratan and @rickwezenaar,
Me too. I had to email @rarible team to fix it. I had 1 go threw as well but my picture did not pop up and the other just stuck in pending mode. It’s funny how when gas is so low the system has more problems??make no sense?? i wanted to drop10 piece because it was at 28-26 but when i had 2 of them mess up right away i stopped. So that sucked.
Hope your guys stuff get fixed.

Your cool kids club member,

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In fact, more people are minting as the gas fees are low so Rarible may saturate

ok, so I tried again with a new artwork and it went through without problem. Gas price was a bit higher, so it could be true, @Sheratan.

I still need to hear from rarible support, though. I bet they are busy with lots of complaints about this :wink: